Top 10 Best Audio Receivers (2020)

When you go clubbing of partying with your friends, you may have noticed the quality of the sound coming from the sound system to be very mind-blowing and entertaining. Even the display of what you are seeing can be beautiful. At home, you may be having an entertainment system, but the sound quality may be wanting, and so you may decide to buy an audio receiver to boost it. Getting the best audio receiver can be a very tiresome and challenging task. In the modern-day, the market is always crowded with different types and designs of audio receivers. Choosing the one that will guarantee the best sound quality can take time. We have therefore decided to simplify your search by providing you with the best audio receiver in the modern-day.

A List of Top 10 Best Audio Receivers in 2020

Marantz SR6014


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This audio receiver is best suited for large rooms. It has a 9.2 channel receiver that helps in boosting the quality of sound to unbelievable levels. Additionally, the operational stability and quality sound from different range of speakers are because of its low impedance driver capability. This audio receiver has an Auto Eco Mode that helps in adjusting power output to speakers depending on the volume level and on-screen eco meter.

Also, the availability of the latest HDMI technology helps in easy and quick connection. The HDMI technology helps the audio receiver in the transmission of immersive audio from the TV with a single HDMI cable. The presence of the Amazon Music HD ensures the highest resolution stream for all songs you play. Moreover, the audio receiver has IMAX Enhanced Technology that provides a heart-pounding audio experience. Finally, the HEOS Built-in technology that ensures you play your music anywhere and everywhere within your home.

Onkyo TX-NR686


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This audio receiver has Dynamic Audio Amplification that helps in delivering a thrilling multichannel and stereo performance. Additionally, the 4-ohn resistance helps in driving speakers with high-current power. The audio receiver has a Bluetooth wireless technology that may enable you to play music from any device like your smartphone, pc, or laptop to your home theatre. The availability of EQs ensures the audio images it produces are distortion-free. Lastly, for the reasons of setting speaker parameters, the audio receiver has AccuEQ.

Yamaha R-s202BL


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Yamaha R-s202BL has a power transformer closer to its circuit for the provision of a high power supply. This ensures the best music sound experience within your home. Additionally, the audio receiver has an eco-mode that helps you in setting the standby mode that automatically reduces the power consumption hence preserving more energy. The availability of several AM/FM preset stations ensures that you have several options to play in your home theatre. Finally, the audio receiver has Bluetooth connectivity that provides continuous audio streaming from other devices like your smartphone or tablet.

Sony STRDH590 5.2 multichannel 4k


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Whenever you intend to upgrade your entertaining homes’ system, then this audio receiver is the perfect one. First, the audio receiver contains an advanced DCAC that ensures the sound quality is superior by analyzing and regulating the audio. Second, the smart Bluetooth connectivity in the audio receiver ensures that playing of your favorite tracks either from your phone or tablet is possible. The smart Bluetooth connectivity also makes it possible for playing your favorite track from any room within the house. This is possible ones the audio receiver and your tablet or smartphone are paired. Third, for the enjoyment of watching movies from your living room, the audio receiver has a 4k HDR pass-through that making the audio and the images in the video appear real.

Sony STR-DH790


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Having a big screen or the best home theatre at home is good, but to have the best quality sound output, then STR-DH790 by Sony is one of the best audio receivers you should have in your entertainment system. The audio receiver has powerful 3 DSPs, i.e., Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, that help in producing the most accurate sound. The audio receiver has a more advance reinforced frame that ensures its durability. Moreover, the S-Force front helps in delivering dynamic sound through the use of two speakers. Finally, setting up the audio receiver is quite fast and easy.

Denon AVR-S640H


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A high-performance separate 5-channel amplifier in the audio receiver helps in delivering the utmost performance and 150 watts per channel. The audio receiver’s low impedance capability helps in producing a balanced, quality sound by providing operational stability with different speakers. To enjoy your favorite tracks from either your smartphone or tablet, the audio receiver has a built-in Bluetooth. The availability of a superior dual antenna transceiver structure helps in robust streaming in densely populated places. The front USB port ensures high-resolution audio. Lastly, the audio receiver ensures an optimal and smooth listening experience by the use of Audyssey room correction it is equipped with.

Pyle PCA 4.6


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This audio receiver has an aux input jack that helps in connection and streaming of music from other devices like smartphones, tablets, mp3 players, or laptops. Additionally, the availability of the push-type speaker terminal for easy connection of speaker wires into the audio receiver. For quality and enjoyable sound, the audio receiver has an impedance that ranges between 4-8ohms. More so, this audio receiver can be used by multiple speakers. Finally, the presence of the EQ controls ensures that the sound output can be adjusted to your desired volume, bass, and treble hence entertaining yourself thoroughly.

Yamaha RX-V385 5.1 Channel


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This audio receiver has a low-range enhancement technology that helps in delivering richer bass from any speaker. Additionally, the low-range enhancement technology helps in maintaining proper localization and sound balance with front speakers for you to enjoy a piece of good quality music from any entertainment system that you have. The audio receiver also has Bluetooth wireless connectivity to enable you to enjoy your favorite tracks from either your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Yamaha RX-V385 5.1 Channel audio receiver is also compatible with the latest HDMI standards making it possible for use with any HDMI cable for a quality sound output. Last, the hybrid log gamma that the audio receiver has provides excellent contras and a smooth sound tone.

Pioneer VSX-534


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This audio receiver enables immersive and interactive audio experiences through the use of DTS:X Playback and Dolby Atmos. Additionally, the audio receiver is Bluetooth compatible, making it possible to play your favorite tracks from either your smartphone or tablet. The availability of range control in the audio receiver ensures that you have the power to control the volume for a perfect and quality sound.

Sony STR-DN1080


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This audio receiver has 7.2 channel Dolby Atmos AV receiver for producing a mighty and cinematic sound that is perfect for watching movies or streaming your favorite music. Additionally, for easy and quick connection to your smartphone or TV, this audio receiver has six HDMI inputs and two outputs and a front USB port to ensure a dynamic home entertainment setup.

Denon AVR-X1600H


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This audio receiver has a low impedance driver that ensures operational stability for different varieties of speakers. It also possesses HEOS built-in wireless multi-room audio technology for easy streaming of music from anywhere and everywhere in your home. With the availability of Amazon, music HD ensures the streaming of millions of songs at a higher quality. The availability of eARC (enhanced Audio Return Channel) ensures the audio receiver supports 3D audio transmission from the TV directly to the receiver.


Above are some of the best audio receivers with advanced technology to help improve your entertainment system. The above audio receivers have essential and distinctive, unique features to take your entertainment system to a different level. The Marantz SR6014, Denon AVR-X1600H, OnkyoTX-NR686, and Yamaha R-s202BL, among others, are some of the best audio receivers that knowing will ensure your entertainment life is completely changed. Purchasing the best audio receiver is quite simple by choosing one of the above with some of its unique features that will suit you and your entertainment system.