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Top 10 Best Chicken Feeds for Laying Hens

You may be planning to start the business of keeping layers, or you may already have been in the industry. It is essential for choosing the most useful chicken feed to make sure the health of your chickens is always checked. However, the process of getting the best feed may be taking high search and a lot of knowledge on the best ingredients in boosting the chicken’s health. The list below is bearing the best feed for layers.

A Review of Top 10 Best Chicken Feeds for Laying Hens

1. Naturally Free Organic Feed

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It is a kind or organic layer meal which is corn-free and soy-free. It has been verified to be the non-GMO project. The use makes it of whole grains. The naturally organic layer chicken meal is containing around 15% protein which is well formulated to ensure it is giving the layers a nutritious and a balanced diet.

2. Prairie’s Choice Grower Feed

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When farmers are given a choice in choosing the feeds they want, they end up selecting non-GMO feed since it contains more nutrients. This implies that chickens will easily digest it. Besides to be balanced, nutritious, and safe, it is manufactured from soybean, which is not processed using chemicals.

3. Kaytee Chicken Supplements

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The chicken feed is a supplement which is providing layers with various types of nutrients which are not present in traditional scratch. It contains supplements like calcium which ensure there is the formation of healthy bones.

4. Coyote Creek Organic Feed

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Cree is offering feeds particulary for egg-layers, forming pullets and starters. Their feed is containing a host of supplements and vitamins, roughage products, organic milo, organic soybean feed, and organic corn. They are ensuring egg-layers get soy-free feed.

5. Kalmbach Layers Feed

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It is offering a food for egg-layers and growers who are opting purchasing organic feed which is containing Omega. The layer crumbles providing a greater calcium presence and also amino acids, thus the production of stronger eggs.

6. Peck and Scratch Feeds

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It is a non-GMO organic feed which is consisting of a big variety of supplements and vitamins, sesame meal, peas, barley, and wheat. They are offering a meal for growers, starters and layers. All their feeds are soy and corn free. It is besides containing grounded limestone and also oyster shell, which is very important for digestion.

7. Brown’s Layer Boosting Chicken Feed

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Brown’s Layer Boosting Chicken Feed is including wheat middlings, soybean meal, corn, and all other kinds of adds. It also including Vitamins A, E, and D-3. Additionally, they are priding themselves because of using proteins from natural plants.

8. Hiland Naturals with Non-GMO Chicken Grower

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They are offering a very reliable kind of chicken meal for growers, starters, and layers. The ingredients are including soybean meal, soybeans, and corn. Besides, they contain a significant presence of vitamins and supplements. This non-GMO meal in very up in calcium and therefore, there will be no necessity of giving more calcium while using this meal.

9. Manna Pro Organic Crumbles Grower

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Pro Manna is offering a great variety of special feeds such as Omega Egg manufacturer Supplement, grit, treats, and medicated starter meal. Their crumble is nonorganic, non-GMO, and non-medicated. It is having high levels of proteins, thus promoting muscle strength and high weight gain. Bags are present all over in both 10 lbs and 30 lbs.

10. Healthy Harvest Layer Chicken Feed

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It contains all-natural ingredients. It is safe for the chickens; therefore, you can have a rest with the assurance that the pullets ate in good hands. It is containing essential ingredients which layers require while in the stage of laying. It is commonly used in chicken that has grown sufficiently. It ends up providing layers with the amount of nutrition and calcium they will be required in laying eggs.


All the named layers meal are great choices and also favorite to many buyers. They have been made the main varieties regarding variety available, variety and amount of nutrients, size versus the cost of the used bag besides regarding whether they are non-GMO.

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