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Top Best Countertop Water Dispensers for Home in 2020

A water dispenser is among most important things needed in any home today. You see, not many of us could be having enough rooms for freestanding water dispensers. In that case, we choose to go for countertop water dispensers which do not require a lot of space. A countertop water dispenser ensures that there is no shortage of water, compared to a freestanding dispenser, it is much cheaper and affordable making it the best option for many of us.

Since these countertop water dispensers are many with varying qualities, there is always a need for us to check out and pick the best in order to get perfect services. A good countertop water dispenser boosts the taste of your water. To make it easy to find the best, the following is a list of the best 5 countertop water dispensers available in the market. Try them today.

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A List of Top Best Countertop Water Dispensers for Home You Can Buy in 2020

1. Avanti Thermo Electric Cold and Room Temperature Water Dispenser

This dispenses water both under cold and room temperatures. Its flush back design makes it the perfect countertop water dispenser to be used in homes, alongside its thermoelectric cooling features. The dispenser works better and quieter than any other home appliance such as a refrigerator.

The unit contains a panel with two LED lights. These lights allow you to know how the water is. The dispenser has facets for water under room and cold temperatures. When you need to clean it, there is a drain plug at the back of the unit that will help you to drain water from the dispenser. If you need to save space in your home, this is the perfect countertop water dispenser for you.

2. Little luxury water filter cooler

This dispenser dispenses water under room and cold temperatures in addition to filtering and making the water pure. This is a water dispenser that will see you saving a lot of money because you will no longer need to purchase filtering and purification bottles. It is also claimed that this unit saves energy by 35% compared to water coolers that were used some years ago.

Before changing a filter, you will have filtered about 100 gallons of water. The unit is big enough to hold 1.85 gallons of water. This is a recommended countertop water dispenser as it requires a minimum space thus you can easily fit it on a counter or kitchen table.

3. Iluminum ILUS207-322-Inch Countertop Hot/Cold Water Cooler Dispenser

This is a 22-inch dispenser capable of dispensing water at any temperatures conditions; cold, hot or at room temperatures at any time of the day.5 liters of water can easily be dispensed in a single hour, thus making it possible for you to have your beverage prepared within a short time. 2 liters of cold water at temperatures of 50 degrees can be cooled within one hour.

You can easily check the status of the water temperature through the LCD display that comes with the unit. This unit can accommodate 3-5 gallons of water, thus it can easily serve your water consumption requirements. It is easy to move the unit for cleaning, and it is quite advantageous to have it in your home because of minimum water spillage as it has a drip tray that prevents water from spilling on the floor.

4. Clover D1-B-K

This is a perfect countertop water dispenser that fulfills the taste of your water as it improves the purity and taste of the water. This is achieved through the filtration system. So that it possible to filter 1200 gallons of water before you can change the unit filter. This is among the best impressive water dispensers in the market today. Its two facets allow for cold and hot water dispensing.

The unit also contains two stainless tanks for storage of cold and hot water respectively. With this dispenser, you can easily prepare your favorite beverage as it can pipe hot water at high temperatures of about 180 degrees. In addition, it has a long lifespan as durability is guaranteed by the UV protection offered by the outer body. The drip tray can easily remove for easy cleaning. The filtration system removes cyst, lead, chlorine, poor smell and taste.

5. Honeywell HWB2052B 21-Inch Tabletop Water Cooler

It is a 21-inch water cooler that can be accommodated in any size of the kitchen. The level system is so convenience such that you can easily access both hot and cold water. This dispenser can fit with bottles with spill proof caps to prevent water fro spilling.. The 85-watt compressor equipped with this unit makes it possible for you to get hot water at the temperatures of 194 degrees and cold water at the temperatures of 50 degrees.

In a single hour, it can provide you with 5 liters of hot water and 2 liters of cold water. It has a stainless tank that provides you with pure water for drinking. To clean the unit, you just need to remove the drip tray.

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