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Top 6 Best Home Salon Shampoo Bowls in 2020

All home salons need to have shampoo bowls that can help to nurture them and offer the best services to the clients. The containers are available in different types, colors, and functions, but one should select those which are affordable and also offer the best features during the service. The bowls used for a home salon can also be applied at home or even in the smaller salons, and with the current situation, the larger salons are slowly adapting to these shampoo bowls.

The reason for these shampoo bowls being highly on the market is their reliability, durability, and their versatility features they have in any salon or home salon. They are also available at very friendly prices for all user’s benefits. Below are some of the best shampoo bowl for home salon purposes.

Top 10 Best Shampoo Bowl For Home Salon

1. Portable Home Salon Shampoo Bowl

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It is instrumental apart from being a first shampoo bowl for the home salon. It is currently available in all markets due to its versatility Features since it is easily used for all portability features and the fixed part of the bowl in the small salon when it has been hooked up permanently with the plumbing services. The dish is so large, making it big and enough for all purposes needed in the salon. The container weighs up to 10 lbs, has a glossy black finish, has a durable composite, the height range, and hose lengths are all adjustable, offers customer comfortability with rolled edges that provide maximum strength, and also have unusual wanting dimensions.

2. Hair Washing Inflatable Shampoo Bowls

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The inflatable shampoo portable bowl is another best solution due to its portability feature. The container can carry all purposes in the small home salon hence very flexible whenever serving the customer or another person’s hair during the cleaning process. It is quickly taken anywhere in the inflated moment, and you will see how it fastened all the servicing offered. It is easily maintained and can be stored in a tiny bag when the need for transporting it arises. It also gives the clients an option on whether to sit or lie down due to their flexibility, and the bowl can be adjusted using the strap holds.

3. Inflatable DMI Shampoo Basin

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This bowl happens to be a perfect solution for all home salons, which are flexible in washing a person’s head when they are still lying in bed. The bowl is adjustable and can also be applied at home and even in bigger salons for all the patients or even older and immobile customers. The container is very inflatable and can be easily cleaned with unusual dimensions. The dish can be deflated inside a bag and perfectly suit inside when the need for transferring it arises. Its drain tube is also connected with a drain hose of 40 inches.

4. Hair Washing Bowls

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This bowl can be comfortably placed at the shoulder of the customer while wrapped with nylon strap at the forearm for stability and steadiness. The dish makes cleaning the hair an easy task due to its durability, exactly needed dimensions, and the ability to be used with the wheelchair or even the chair.

5. Kid Shampoo Bowl

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The bowl is easily installed. And it’s auction cups are used. Also, the child’s hair can be easily washed at the bathtub. Moreover, it is very comfortable with its silicone neck. It ensures the child’s eye doesn’t get shampoo or water.

6. EZ-ACCESS Hair Washing Bowl

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It is also easily used in home salons due to their compactness and lightweight feature. It requires microscopic mobile features with the nylon strap, which can reattach at the forearm. And it can quickly reduce any back strain in the process of hair washing.


The above are among the best shampoo bowl for home salon. Therefore, everyone should have one of them for their small salons or even at their homes when they wash the hair.

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