Top 10 Best Magnifying Floor Lamps (2020)

What is a magnifying lamp used for? If you have a macular degeneration problem, reading under the sharp floor lamps can be a daunting and painful experience. Floor lamps put a lot of strain on your eyes because of the unfocused and non-illuminating lighting. However, with the advanced technology deployed in floor lamps, they are getting more helpful due to their efficiency. Other than that, the magnifying floor lamps are built with elegant outlook hence improves the overall beauty and value to your home. Therefore, if you are planning to buy one, the following are 10 best magnifying floor lamps to consider.

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A List of Top 10 Best Magnifying Floor Lamps in 2020

Delixike Large Magnifying Lamp

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This lamp is Ideal for workstations that require stable close focus. It’s a two-in-one magnifying floor lamp and comes with multiple anti-glare glass lenses to increase its magnifying and illuminating capacities. Suitable for people with macular degeneration, Delixike Large Magnifying Lamp uses LED flooding technology to offer cool and vivid ultra-bright daylight vision. Also, the lamp can transform into a desk or table lamp with adjustment of the interchangeable clamp and base. While the gooseneck arm allows for functional flexibility, the two power modes allow usage with different power sources. Moreover, the versatility of the lamp makes it suitable for both home and office use.

Neatfi Bifocals 1,200 Lumens

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The Neatfi Bifocal lamp has a safe functionality duration of 100,000 hours. Neatfi Bifocals 1,200 Lumens uses super LED light and bifocal technology. The lamp comes with bifocal and ultra-small anti-glare lenses with diopters that vary the focal lengths, making it suitable for long-sighted and short-sighted individuals. Besides, the lamp can be moved around safely and freely due to the durable, heavy-duty base with wheels and an elongated electric cord. What’s more, the manufacturers merged the super LED and diopter technologies to give the lamp a functional superiority over other lamps. Last but not least, the lamp comes with a flexible and adjustable arm and AC adapter, making it user-friendly.

Brightech Lightview Pro

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With a magnification capability of 175%, Brightech Lightview Pro is one of the best magnifying floor lamps in the market today. The lamp uses anti-scratch 4-inch thick lenses and multiple-diopter glasses with anti-glare capabilities. Additionally, the combination of diopter glass and thick lenses make Brightech magnifying floor lamp a favorite for many individuals battling visual impairment. It is highly versatile. At the same time, it has a gooseneck that can stretch in any direction. It is a 3-in-1 lamp with a hands-free magnification that fits on the floor, table, or desk. The solid base, energy-saving capability, durability, and dimmable lights further boost its status as one of the best lamps in the market.

Neatfi XL Bifocals 1,600 Lumens

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Neatfi XL Bifocals 1,600 Lumens lamp uses super LED technology, and high-end magnification features to enhance magnification while giving users comfort and flexibility. The 1,600 lumens provided by super LED lights offer cool and super bright lighting that is gentle and powerfully illuminating. Also, the use of multiple-diopters glass and thick non-glare acrylic lenses allows for focused distribution of light for concentrated magnification. With a magnification capacity of up to 600%, Neatfi XL Bifocals 1,600 Lumens lamp is suitable for different eye problems. Lastly, the dimmable lights and adjustable arm further add to its versatility.

Fulcrum Light it 12 LED Wireless Lamp

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This is one of the few wireless magnifying floor lamps in the market. The Fulcrum Light it 12 LED Wireless Lamp combines the gentle effect LED lighting and high-power magnification lenses. This provides the users with comfort and precision. Also, the lamp has user-friendly features, including glare-free powerful LED floodlights, energy-saving, and a two-year warranty. While the gooseneck arm is limited in stretching length, it makes up for with 360 degrees movement. As if that’s not enough, the lamp has a magnifying capacity of up to 180% and a battery life of 50 hours. Fulcrum Light it 12 LED Wireless Lamp is highly mobile, making it one of the most comfortable and flexible magnifying floor lamps suitable for home and office use.

Carson Deskbrite 200

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Carson Deskbrite 200 is a low-budget magnifying lamp with a 3x magnification power. Capable of serving as a floor lamp and a desk magnifier, the lamp comes with unique user-friendly features that belie its low price. One important feature of the lamp is that it has a sturdy and stable frame that is adjustable and powerful LED floodlights that are gentle to the eyes. Plus, the high-power spot lenses are glare-free and can be used anywhere. Despite the short charging cable, users can enjoy greater mobility when using the lamp once the AAA batteries are charged.

Brightech Light View Lamp

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Fitted with a durable, heating-resistant LED globule, Brightech Light View Lamp is designed for multiple functions, including indoor and outdoor pastime and expert magnifying activities. The high-power lenses and diopter magnifier glass support different focal lengths for different magnification needs and eye impairments. More importantly, the adjustable arm and bendable supporting pipe add a touch of aesthetics and convenience.

TOMSOO Magnifying Floor Lamp

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TOMSOO Magnifying Floor Lamp is one of the few magnifying floor lamps specifically designed with professionals in mind. It’s a dual-purpose lamp that fits on the desk, table, or floor depending on the user’s needs. Other than its smooth mobility, the lamp has a powerful LED floodlights, flexible height range, and high focal range making it one of the best in its category. Furthermore, it has high-power diopter magnifying glasses and lenses that support its high magnification range.

Mighty Bright Floor Light 67112 Magnifiers

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Built specifically for your leisure and professional magnification needs, the Mighty bright floor light 67112 magnifier is boasts of a 5-inch magnifier, bifocal inset, sturdy frame, and solid base. Thus, it allows you to view smaller details and objects without straining your eyes. Also, the lamp is designed for comfort and has a flexible arm capable of 360 degrees rotation and medium stretching. Its user-friendly features allow you to enjoy great and flexible magnification range under super bright and gentle lights that can be adjusted.

Ultra Bright 40 LED Desktop Magnifier Lamp

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Designed for both home and office use, the Ultra bright 40 LED desktop magnifier lamp is one of the few magnifying floor lamps with USB charging functionality. It comes with a 19-inch standing height, and uses LED energy-saver lights to give users extended usage time and bright lighting. The optical glass, with high image rendering capabilities and 12-diopter magnifier, allows for immediate and tricolor image viewing.

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Final thoughts

What is the best magnifying floor lamp? Magnifying floor lamps are vital home appliances that accentuate the aesthetics of your home. The choice of a lamp to purchase is dependent on your needs, availability in the market, and budget. Finding a lamp that meets your expectations may require shopping around.