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Top 10 Best Soil Moisture Meters for Potted Indoor Plants (2020)

You’ve got an urge to know what moisture your plant needs and keep the level constant for a healthy, long lasting plant? A soil moisture meter is device you can read off the moisture contents of the soil. The advantage of the meters is you can use it anywhere. In this review, we’ll help most gardeners to find top best soil moisture meters for indoor plants.

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A List of Top 10 Best Soil Moisture Meters for Potted and Indoor Plants in 2020

Etekcity soil moisture sensor for indoor and outdoor use

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This is the hygrometer for maintaining the Elekcity indoor or outdoor soils moisture sensors measurement system.

  • Easy to read moisture levels
  • Plug and read
  • Color coded reading system
  • Compact and portable design

Pack of 2 Etekcity soil moisture meters for outdoor plants for indoor use

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The etekcity outdoor floor moisture sensor for indoor plants is one of the modest and high quality sensors currently available on the market. It does not need any kind of batteries. This is versatile and the size is virtually nothing, a complete package, believe it or not.

  • Easy to read moisture levels
  • No batteries or electricity needed, plug and read
  • Compact and portable design for indoor/outdoor use

REOTEMP-MM17 backyards moisture meters

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This is the 17-inch Reotemp-MM17 Backyard Moisture Meters shank. Easy to use, this moisture meter is one of the best for indoor plants at home or to show students at school.

  • Easy to use for home composting
  • User calibratable, 0-10 wetness scale
  • Instant readings powered by one AAA battery

Soil Moisture Probe

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This 24-inch Soil Moisture Probe is the moisture-resistant metal floor.

  • Brass soil moisture probe
  • Displays accurate readings
  • All types of soils may read differently
  • Meter is mounted on top
  • Works on AA or dry cell batteries

DigHealth (TM) Soil Moisture / pH Meter

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This is the moisture meter from DigiHealth Moisture Soil, which is 3 out of 1. The unbelievable thing about this meter is that you do not have to stand around with a battery to work. This is powerful for home breeders and ranchers.

Glimmer Leaf 1820 Rapitest Soil Moisture Meter

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This is the Rapitest 1820 Luster Soil Moisture Meter, which is directly accessible and whose quality is fundamentally sensational. With this tool, you can easily predict which of your plants need more watering. This meter checks the substance of the water that reaches to the root. This measuring device provides information about the irrigation needs of around 150 plants. Interestingly, you do not have to worry about the battery.

Dr.Meter humidity sensor gauge, groundwater gauge

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This is the Drs.Meter Moisture Hydrometers sensors, the bottom water monitor and it is unsatisfactory to create or create. This thing has become a hero among the bestsellers. This is the 4-out-of-the-box device.

  • An eight inch metal stem that penetrates to root level
  • No batteries or electricity required

Dr.Meter moisture meter, ground water meter

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This is the Dr.Meter sensor and groundwater sieve moisture meter, which allows you to create or scale the work environment in your home, anywhere. This thermometer is easy to use.

  • Easy to read moisture levels, including ten scales
  • No batteries or electricity needed, plug and read

Moisture meter, indoor / outdoor moisture meter THZY

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The humidity meter, indoor and outdoor THZY humidity sensor, and bottom sieve are two components of each package that are exceptional. All you have to do is apply the test to the ground and read the readings.

  • A combination of precision, accuracy and durability

Soil Moisture Meter 3 in 1 MacDoDo

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This is the MacDoDo Moisture 3 of 1 Soil Moisture Meter, Light and pH Clarity Meter. Best for kindergartens, this meter doesn’t use a battery. Not difficult to use, it is necessary to adjust and record the readings.


Typically, one of the best soil moisture meters is under $20.

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