Top Best TDS Meters for Drinking Water (2020)

Testing water quality is essential, especially for our drinking water. With diverse sources and quality of water supplies to our homes, it has become a necessity to own a functional total dissolved solids (TDS) digital tester to test the quality of water you are taking. What’s the best drinking water tester this year? Below we have reviewed the top best portable TDS meters or tester brands out there in the market, have a look and make a choice on the one that’s best fits you.

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A List of Top 10 Best TDS Meters for Drinking Water in 2020

Digital TDS-EZ Water Quality TDS Tester

Top of our list is the HM Digital TDS-EZ Water Quality TDS Tester. Using this tool is quite simple measurements are displayed on hold on function so, you have time to read and make the recording. The tester has just a single drawback in its efficiency in that it lacks an automated temperature control function, implying that if you take the measure the same sample of water at different temperatures, you will receive different readings.

  • Efficient and highly accurate
  • Microprocessor technology
  • Measurement ranges from 0 to 9900ppm
  • Extended life battery the tester uses two non-standard batteries to assure users a battery life of 1000hrs
  • Durable

Digital TDS-4 Pocket Size TDS Tester Meter

Are you in need of an accurate and more premium grade tester? Then you have it all in the HM Digital TDS-4 Pocket Size TDS Tester Meter. The tester gives high levels of accuracy thus good for both domestic and commercial use. It pros include rigorous procedures when doing repeated testing also a significant drop in battery voltage can lead to misleading measurements.

  • Auto-off mechanism within the first ten minutes of use
  • Best for hydroponics, purification applications, aquaculture, colloidal silver and wastewater applications
  • ATC advanced microprocessor for measurements at varying temp levels

Digital TDS Meter Tester (TDS meter)

It is ideal for measuring water getting in and out of a system. Besides, its downside is that it displays in 3 digits thus limiting its measurement to 999ppm.

  • High-end microprocessor for accuracy, high efficiency, and convenience
  • Installations and use are easy
  • Auto-off functionalities for longer battery life

Digital TDS TDS-3 Metre

The EZ Digital TDS TDS-3 Metre boost great features, a battery life of over 1000 hours, great measurement accuracy and efficiency of use. So you can use it to measure the level of purity of your drinking water or test the level of accuracy for your water purifiers and filter.

  • Large LCD with an extra battery and carrying case
  • Pocket size tester

Pancellent TDS PH 2

The pancellent TDS is also a good TDS tester that sells out cheaply, at just a few dollars you get to know your water purity levels. Furthermore, it comes with auto lock and auto shut functions that make it easy to read and record and auto shutting after 5 minutes of use respectively.

  • Its working temperature range starts at 0 to 50 degrees.
  • Comes with a PH scale
  • Most reliable tester

VANTAKOOL Digital Meter 0.01 PH High Accuracy Water Quali

The number 1 best-seller on Amazon, Vatakool Digital Meter 0.01 PH High Accuracy Water Quali is a must-have to test for water, pools, aquariums, spas, hydroponics, food, wine and beer. Also, a reliable PH measuring tool we have to include in this review.

  • Fast and accurate
  • Auto calibration
  • Automatic temperature compensation

instecho Digital PH Meter, 0.01 Resolution Pocket Size Water Quality Tester

The display is bright enough for most people. Overall, this accurate and affordable TDS tester is great for outdoor or household use. Ideally, you can use it for testing drinking water, pool, aquarium, spa, or hydroponics. 

  • High accuracy
  • Easy to use
  • Highly portable.

Good to Know

Water from major supplies contains impurities such as minerals, salts, and metals testing the quality of water you are taking are very important. At the mean time, a total dissolved solid (TDS) also called a nutrients tester, the best portable TDS meter offers you the convenience of checking your water most efficiently. This is just a simple digital tester for drinking water that is convenient for use wherever you are at any given time. The tester measures the quality of water on a parts per million (ppm) scale. 0ppm means the water is pure while higher levels of ppm indicate that the water is impure and unsafe for use.

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