Top 5 Best Shoal Tents in 2018

Summer activities are a sure way of maximizing summer fun and this fun is doubled when mixed with camping. However, not everyone likes camping especially the prospect of sleeping at night on the
ground when any animal or insect can decide it wants to take a nap with you.

Worry no more, for you can now take your beauty sleep for a watery ride using shoal tents. Shoal tent or floating tent are inflatable floating rafts attached with a tent topper allowing you to sleep on water. Not only are a great and adventurous way to venture into dreamland, it can be a soothing and peaceful experience to sleep on an actual waterbed.

Shoal Tent was first introduced in October 2017 by SmithFly and since then various versions of the original product have cropped up. Here are the five best shoal tents on the market.

Dream under the Stars Over the Sea: The Five Best Shoal Tents on The Market

1. Shoal Tent by SmithFly

Some would say that the original is still the best and they might be right. Shoal tent by SmithFly comes with no tent poles, is totally inflatable and is sturdy enough to withstand strong winds. The tent is 8 by 8 feet making it roomy enough to sleep four people comfortably. The 6 inch thick high pressure floor is just the right substitute for an air mattress. Moreover, the tent is made of heavy duty, waterproof fabric which can be sealed with heavy duty zippers to keep you safe from pouring rain. Weighing a 50 pounds, tent comes with a patch kit, manual foot pump and storage bag, which making an easy to store camping companion.

While the shoal tent is sounds awesome, this fantastic experience comes at a steep price. Moreover, floating tents might seem exciting to youngsters, they are definitely not suitable for families with children of various age.

2. Floating Instant Tent by Mokasi®

This floating tent is designed for family, includes an inflatable mattress, an electric air pump and a carry bag that makes it easy to carry. While not as sturdy as other floating tents, this tent is also cheaper and a great option for kids who to play on still water. While advertised to accommodate a family of four, it only supports a combined weight of 300 pounds and not an ideal tent for sleeping.

3. Cabana Islander

Cabana Islander is a sturdy, floating raft designed for family fun. This inflatable tent rooms 6 comfortably and has tons of features to entertain the kids including a boarding platform. It is multi-purpose enough to be suitable for use on and off water as well. It safety valve makes it easy to inflate and deflate quickly.

While ideal for summer day-time fun, its open design is not made for the night time and could lead to accidents. Moreover, the open design is also not safe during heavy winds.

4. Traft

Traft is also a new floating tent which is a mixture of a raft and a tent. This small, light-weight, inflatable boat is ideal for the lone adventurer ready to tackle the wilderness and water alike. It can easily be carried in a backpack when deflated and quickly inflated to provide protection from the sun, rain and water.

5. Sealander by Daniel Straub

While not exactly a tent, this floating caravan can give serious competition to the shoal tent. Floating caravan is a glamorous, if slow and expensive way to travel on water. However, it comes with a seating area, which can also be converted in a sleeping area, thus allowing people to enjoy a picnic on water without having to worry about having to return to the mainland.