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Best Stainless Steel Chicken Pluckers in 2020

Rearing your poultry has become a popular pastime activity for both the country-folk and the people in the city. Where the raising bit is simple, processing of the chicken meat is a monotonous and frustrating task. The de-feathering part is the most tedious. This is where mechanical chicken pluckers come in play.

A mechanical chicken plucker is a machine which helps you save a great deal of time and energy by plucking the feathers off your chicken in a matter of seconds. A chicken plucker de-feathers your chicken with 100% perfection, not damaging the chickens’ skin one bit. A chicken plucker is capable of plucking both big and small-sized chickens, fully automating your process.

The growth of technology has brought growth in the number of chicken plucker manufacturers offering attractive features at attractive rates. Having a little knowledge of these machines will help you select the perfect chicken plucker for your needs. We have listed below a few considerations to take before getting a chicken plucker.

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1. Power

Power is the most crucial consideration to make when choosing a chicken plucker. The de-feathering process involves uneven force and weight distribution; this can break the motor of your chicken plucker if it is weak. Having a high powered plucker will ensure high-performance and durability. The power of your engine also contributes to the de-feathering time.

2. Tub

Most chicken pluckers come complete with a built-in tub. When judging the container, we usually look at the size. A large tub means it has more plucking fingers, and more plucking fingers means reduced de-feathering time. A large tub also means that you can de-feather two or more chickens simultaneously without the risk of damaging the chicken skin. It is also vital that the container is constructed from corrosion and rust-resistant materials.

3. Fingers

The plucking fingers determine the speed and effectiveness at which the chicken plucker completes its task. The higher the number of plucking fingers, the quicker and more effective the chicken plucker will operate. For optimum functionality, the fingers need to be soft enough not to damage the meat and stiff enough to provide resistance to the feathers.

4. Irrigation

Plucking chicken feathers is a messy job which leaves the chicken plucker full of feathers. You must pick a chicken plucker that is easy to clean and maintain. Pick a plucker with a built-in irrigation system.

5. Portability

We recommend picking a chicken plucker, which is portable. The portability will allow you to carry the plucker and de-feather your chickens anywhere in your farm or outside.

Using the considerations listed above, we conducted extensive research and came up with the following list of the best chicken pluckers in the market.

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A List of the Best Stainless Steel Chicken Pluckers

1. Rite Farm pro quail plucker

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The Rite Farm pro quail plucker is constructed from stainless steel, making it corrosion and rust-resistant. Then the small size makes this plucker suitable for de-feathering birds the quail, doves, game hens, pigeons, bantam chickens and other little birds. Also, this chicken plucker features a feather discharge chute which keeps all the feathers in one place. The feathers can be cleaned with just one wash.

The Rite Farm Quail plucker comes complete with ninety-eight plucking fingers, specially designed for small birds. Moreover, this chicken plucker is powered by a nearly silent 110-volt motor. This chicken plucker’s engine has ½ horsepower. And this quail plucker only weighs 37 pounds.

2. Popsport Chicken Plucker

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The Popsport Chicken Plucker is constructed with 24-inch stainless steel, which is rust and corrosion-resistant. This chicken plucker is equipped with a waterproof on/off switch. With a tub diameter of 23.6 inches and a thickness of 0.024 inches, the Popsport chicken plucker can de-feather up to six chickens at a time. The 110v/60Hz machine voltage power and 240r/min motor speed reduce the plucking time by a great deal.

The rotation speed of this plucker can be altered by loosening or tightening the belt nut underneath the machine. The Popsport chicken plucker features a built-in water pipe which connects directly to your water supply. This pipe allows the plucker to rinse the removed feathers from inside the tub and away from the chickens. This chicken plucker is suitable for chickens, turkeys, geese and other large birds.

3. Bestequip Chicken Plucker

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The Bestequip Chicken Plucker is built from 403 stainless steel making it resistant to rust and corrosion. This chicken plucker features a waterproof on/off switch and four mobile wheels for quick and easy transportation. Moreover, the heavy-duty 2200w, 240r/min motor can easily handle up to six chickens in one spin.

This plucker comes complete with 64 fingers on the barrel and 55 on the chassis. The 119 specially designed plucking fingers allow for fast and efficient plucking. This chicken plucker is suitable for poultry farms or supply shops. And the 23.5-inch diameter tub enables the Bestequip chicken plucker to handle chickens, ducks, quails and other large birds.

4. Pro Scalder chicken plucker

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The Pro Scalder chicken plucker features a stainless steel construction making it resistant to corrosion and rust. This chicken plucker comes complete with a dunk basket, thermometer, heat element guard, LED indicator lights and a lid. Last but not least, the 240 volts, 3,00-watt heating element for heat recovery and heating.

The full-size Pro Scadler chicken plucker can hold up to 18.5 gallons and includes a stainless steel drain. As well as, the large diameter of the tub allows this chicken plucker to hold up to 3 giant chickens.


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The stainless steel construction makes this chicken plucker resistant to rust and corrosion. A market-leading 1.5 hp and 300 r/min motor allow the Yardbird to de-feather geese, chickens, ducks, and waterfowls in just under 15 seconds. And the 20-inch diameter drum allows multiple de-feathering at once.

The 110 plucking fingers ensure quick and efficient plucking. Also, Yardbird features a built-in tub-proximity sensor, GFCI, and over current protector ensures safety during the process. Furthermore, an integrated irrigation system allows for hands-free cleaning of the feathers. The Yardbird is compact and portable.


The chicken plucker is a must have machine if you are into poultry farming. Take your time and compare the above chicken pluckers. Then go out and get the best-suited chicken plucker for your needs.

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