Top 5: Best Stainless Steel Drinking Glass Reviews in 2019

Having troubles to sip a drink from unfamiliar stainless steel drinking glass brands, are you worried about the quality of the stainless steel is not as much as expected for your child safety. The following below are the top 5 best stainless steel drinking glass, with high quality and safety guaranteed.

1. Tru Blu 12oz Stainless Steel Cups – Premium Stackable Unbreakable Metal Pint Glass Set


This brand is one of the top five most choices if you are searching for a good stainless steel drinking glass, as it been made out from quality materials to ensure safety and no harm will be caused during the period of usage. It comes in five packs which make it great for family usage and kids.


a) Electro-polished which will ensure the safety for young ones

b) Compactable for child usage as its weight and size are not big and heavy

c) Consist of no imparted flavor from the stainless steel

d) Hard and unbreakable which the glass can withstand a high pressure

e) Lifetime guaranteed for user


a) Slightly cheaper from other brands

b) Safety feature install in order your drink does not be spoil

c) Have various size


a) Some size is not appropriate for children usage

b) Hard and breakable made it dangerous for kids that acting rough

2. Small Tumbler Cups Stainless Steel Double Wall


This design of stainless steel drinking glass is for leisure activities where family and friends can use repeatedly as the size of the glass is much smaller compared to the previous one. This drinking cup would add a great advantage for an imp romp to picnic plan for certain peoples that love to do activities without even have a proper plan.


a) Double wall air insulated
b) Safe from any bacteria
c) Practical capacity
d) Refund satisfaction factor included
e) Environmental friendly


a) No condensation on your hands
b) Comfortable to hold for any ages
c) Refund offered according to terms and condition for the customer
d) Easy to clean
e) Meet the national CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) requirements but also California’s more stringent Proposition 65.


a) The price is slightly higher than the previous one
b) Slightly smaller than the previous one
c) Smaller capacity for adults consuming

3. Quality Drinkware StainlessLUX 4-Pc Best Stainless Steel Drinking Glass / Tumbler / Pub Glass Set

Best Stainless Steel Drinking Glass 4-Pc Brilliant Stainless Steel Drinking Glass / Tumbler / Pub Glass Set - Quality Drinkware

For this product we don’t look at as a simple product but rather a sophisticated ones as this product is being made by one fine craftsmanship that has lots of experience in producing a good stainless steel product to be used as food consuming, whose said art and food cannot be together, I bet there are thinking it twice now.


a) Customs made for more elegant touch
b) Low-maintenance
c) Woven pouch provided to ensure the quality during shipping
d) Durable
e) Eco-friendly so it may be reusable over and over again


a) Lighter as it is a customs made
b) Look more modernize
c) Come in two size
d) Blend in any occasion


a) Higher price
b) Low amount of cup
c) Not applicable for family usage

4. Stainless LUX  Double walled Stainless Steel Drinking Glasses, Set of 4 Cups

4. Stainless LUX 77317 Double walled Stainless Steel Drinking Glasses, 12-Ounce/1.5 Cup, Set of 4

This stainless steel cup is a must for the people who love enjoy drinking cold water especially having a cold beer in a stainless steel cup that can preserve the cold beer and essence long enough for the drinker to drink and finish it. How pleasant would it be sitting by the pool and enjoying your favorite drink with this stainless steel cup that can preserve cold temperature for the drinks you are enjoying.


a) Double walled construction install in
b) Keep cold drinks temperature longer than normal stainless steel cup
c) Fine craftsmanship
d) Nonwoven pouch provided to ensure the quality of the stainless steel cup
e) Food safe, no lead, no BPA, no mercury


a) Reusable
b) Low-density
c) Sophisticated design
d) Can be used on different occasion
e) Low maintenance
f) Resist bacteria growth
g) Hold cold water far longer


a) Less quantity of cups
b) The price is higher
c) Not applicable for family usage
d) Come only in one size
e) Not children friendly
f) Does not eco-friendly

5. StainlessLUX a Set of 4 Double-walled Stainless Steel Small Drinking Glasses / Water Tumblers

5. StainlessLUX 77350 a Set of 4 Double-walled Stainless Steel Small Drinking Glasses / Water Tumblers (10 Oz. / 1.25 Cup) Two-tone Finish 3.1 Inch Diameter X 3.465 Inch Height

Well if you are expecting a guest coming you guys better get one of these because the design of elegant of the stainless steel drinking glass is totally worth it, even it does not show the transparent of a liquid pour into it but trust it, it does make the drinking taste better, because the sophisticated design embraces the aura and surrounding mood when you have a drinking session with anyone that comes by your crib. This is a must have stainless steel drinking glass as it fits any kind of drink you will ever pour into it.


a) Double-walled stainless steel
b) Fine craftsmanship
c) Applicable to any occasion
d) Low maintenance
e) Lightweight
f) Usable by any age stages
g) Nonwoven pouch provided


a) Elegant
b) Very sophisticated for any kind of occasion
c) Symbol of modernization
d) Exclusive products CONS
a) Smaller capacity
b) Less stainless steel cup quantity
c) Not for family usage
d) Comes in only one size
e) Nonrefundable after purchase


Those are the top five stainless steel drinking glass that has been bought by lots of people, a good drinking cup must always prioritize because it is one of the health factors, with nowadays health seems to become a vital aspect of life, we must take a safety precautions on everything we do and choose to use. Stay healthy as is a must because without a healthy body you can’t enjoy your life fully, it all begin with only the choices from the best, make a good decision because it will show the true outcomes. Money can’t buy health but money can’t help us to get a healthy lifestyle. Happy shopping fellas.

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