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Top 10 Best Table Tennis Tables Reviews in 2019

Last updated on January 12, 2018

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Best Table Tennis table famously known as Ping Pong is a sport usually played by two or four players at a time. It is commonly regarded as a Chinese game but it originated in Victorian England, where it was an elite class game, usually played as the after-dinner parlor game.

Now it is popular enough and played by almost all the nations around the globe. Like the outdoor tennis, it became the part of Olympics in 1998. The bat or racket used in table tennis is just seventeen centimeters long and 15 centimeters wide. The official restrictions of the racket focus mainly on the flatness and rigidness of the blade than the size. S.W. Hancook Limited a British manufacturer of sports good introduced the rubber faces of racket in the 1950s. This changed the game with the involvement of swing and new increased pace.

The table is 2.74 meters long and 1.525 meters wide about two and a half feet high from the ground. The material is selected to keep the bounce of the ball at the maximum of twenty-three centimeters. The table is usually kept in the dark color to have the right visibility of light colored ball in its background. A net is set right in the middle of the length which is no higher than six inches.

If you are table tennis player or want to start the game now, you must know the right table for you. There is a variety available in market and online market but you should know your own table. Here is the list of the Best Table Tennis Table reviews with the list of best table available on Amazon with the complete description of their material and other characteristics. So let’s go through the list of our reviews:

1. JOOLA Midsize Best Table Tennis Table

It is a unique table which can be used as 2 separate multi-use tables at home. It is a portable tennis table which can be easily folded and fits anywhere you want to keep in. It is more suited for the compact spaces because of its no extra use of the material other than the exact size according to the regulations. JOOLA Net and Post set come with it. You get it all set and do not need to assemble it. Dimensions of this table are:

  • Length 72 inches
  • Width 36 inches
  • Height 30 inches

It is lighter in weight and just weighs sixty-two pounds, with no assembly required.

2. STIGA InstaPlay Best Table Tennis

It is a heavy table with the black surface which offers the best game play vision. It has Mag ball bearing wheels to move it easily. It comes with 66″ net and Post Set in the pack. You get it all set and do not need to assemble it. The size of the table is:

  • Length 57 inches
  • Width 62 inches
  • Height 6.75 inches

3. Viper Arlington Indoor Table Tennis Table

A striking black top table with the red trim can entice anyone into playing on this stylish table. A 5/5 inches MDF table top and 1-1/4 inches frame and square legs make up the sturdy structure. Both the halves of the tables can be folded separately for easy moving. It also has wheels to move though. It has the following size:

  • Length 107 inches
  • Width 60 inches
  • Height 30 inches

4. Killerspin Table Tennis Table MyT10 Pocket

It is a stylish table which needs to be assembled first. It has a specially engineered repeat roller coating process which provides 16 layers of finish which protect the playing surface and enriches the quality of play. The four inches ball bearing wheels provide smooth rolling for easy moving. It is a bit expensive table.

5. Kettle Top Star XL Indoor/Outdoor Tennis Table

Kettle Top Star Table Tennis is 7.8 inches patented weatherproof table with the Climate Control Technology. It’s an ultra-smooth blue colored anti-reflective table, according to the tournament standards with the proper certified TRUE BOUNCE. It is quite, a compact table with the added wheels which make it easy to move around.

6. JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table with the Net Set

It is Competition-grade table tennis table and with the proper net set. It can be used for the nontournament uses. 15 millies meters wood made surface provide the proper bounce. It has additional safety devices to be shifted safely. It has to be assembled in the beginning which takes no more than twenty minutes usually.

7. STIGA Advantage Tennis Table

It is a competition-ready indoor best table tennis perfect for the home and office use. It comes 95 percent preassembled out of the box and 10 minutes QuickPlay design. This table has excellent playability with 5/8 inches thick table top with multiple roller coat finish and silk screen stripping. Net on this table can be easily removed and attached. It has a regulation size as following:

  • 108 inches Length
  • 60 inches Width
  • 30 inches Height

8. MD Sports 4 Piece Table Tennis Official Tournament Table

It is an official tournament size table tennis of nine feet crosses five feet. It is a portable table and can be folded easily to move. All the necessary accessories come with the table like one net. w net posts, two rackets, and 2 two balls. Its size is:

  • Length 108 inches
  • Width 60 inches
  • Height 30 inches

9. Butterfly Playback Rollaway Table Tennis Table

It is an ideal table tennis for schools, recreation centers, homes and sports club. It is a steel table with the durable frame and a nice wooden top. Safety levers on each side of the table provide an effective child safety feature.

It can be folded without removing the net and its posts. It comes with the warranty of three years. It is a heavy table though with the weight of 190 pounds.

10. JOOLA Nova Outdoor Table Tennis Table

It is durable, rust free and all weather table tennis table. It has a 6mm Aluminum plastic composite surface. A thick 40mm apron prevents the wrapping of the table surface.

It has adjustable leg levers and self-folding legs. It has to be assembled in the beginning which takes around fifteen to twenty minutes. It has size as following:

  • Length108 inches
  • Width 60 inches
  • Height 30 inches

It is a heavy table tennis and weighs 166 pounds.

So you can now decide the table from the list according to the space you have in your place, material, use and other points in your mind. Having a tennis table at home is more fun than you think and you cannot miss this fun just by your laziness. So be quick and choose the best table tennis for you and order the one.

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